A Detailed Review of Whole House Water Filters

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A Detailed Review of Whole House Water Filters

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With all of the apec water systems available today to purify your drinking water, whole house water filtration systems stand above all. These units make it possible to block contaminants from every possible access point in your home while using a single filter. The advantages of such systems are: clean, quality drinking water from any faucet in your home without the space hogging hassles of a countertop system, and with the simplicity of replacing just one filter. Though you will enjoy many benefits from the use of Whole House Water Filters, you also need to be conscious of the potential disadvantages. Below is a detailed review of the whole house water filters to help you make an informed decision when looking for the best apec water systems:

How they work

The whole house water filters often work on a three-stage system. The first stage filters out sediments that can change the taste and purity. The second stage removes chlorine. The third uses a bituminous charcoal filter to improve taste and clarity. The whole house water filter installation, then, enhances the drinking water as well as that used for showering, laundry, and cleaning.

Benefits of installing whole house water filters

Highly effective — One of the main advantages of installing a whole house water filter is their ability to serve the entire home efficiently. This is ideal for homes with many showers and faucets. By installing these filters, there will be no need for multiple filters at every outlet in your house. If an individual wants clean water from various outlets, a whole home filter is the best way to go.

A higher degree of purification and quality — These systems remove a higher percentage of impurities like chlorine than most water systems do. Most of the impurities have many unhealthy consequences like destroying the natural oils in the skin and hair, causing premature aging, dryness, and even eczema. Since these problems exist within both bottled and tap water, the best option to remove them is to install whole house water filter systems. This eliminates not only the problem of poor water quality but is inexpensive and convenient for busy parents.

Durable — Whole house water filtration systems last much longer on average than your typical countertop or pitcher filtration methods. A typical filter lasts 300,000 gallons or three years. Better still, the filtration system costs less than ten cents a gallon over the course of the three years that the filter lasts. Replacing the filter at that point is straightforward and convenient, and the whole house water filter installation requires no other effort on the part of the homeowner.


Purchase and installation cost — One of the major drawbacks of whole house filters is the cost of buying them and having them installed. Essentially, these systems are complex and should be fitted by a professional. Although the installation cost is usually part of the cost of buying the filter and a one-time cost, it can be quite costly to have the procedure done correctly. You need both knowledge and experience with plumbing as well as soldering to do it right, and most people do not have those qualifications. Buying from a good dealer or manufacturer will at least keep that cost at a minimum.


Having the best apec water systems is more of a necessity to every household for the provision of clean and purified drinking water. Whole house water filters will serve this purpose by providing you with chlorine-free and soft water for the entire home.

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